The Founders of Pulsa Musica

Videos by our composer James Clark

Introduction To The Rudiments

Trooping The Colors

Solo 1 for Timmy Adams - Explaining The Strains

Short Story About Swiss Drummers

Long Roll and The Tap

Drag Paradiddle #1

Solo 2 for Cliff Barrows - Explaining Strain 2

Solo 2 for Cliff Barrows - Explaining Strain 5

Solo 2 for Cliff Barrows - Explaining Strain 6

Solo performances from James Clark's book

Solo #8 by Mark Reilly

Solo #3 by George Willis

Solo #2 by Dr. John Wooton

Solo #6 by Scott Jamison

Solo #10 by Jeff Prosperie

Solo #5 by Hazizi Jafaar

Solo #1 by Peter Vulperhorst

Solo #4 by Russel Piner

Solo #3 by Tomi Kauppila

Solo #2 by Damian Bonesi

Solo #1 by Alexander Nedelkos

Solo #2 by Phil Andrews

Solo performances from Dominick Cuccia's book

But Does It Groove? by Don Mason

But Does It Drive? by Brian Watkinson

But Does It Inspire? by Rodney Smith

But Does It Explore? by Dave Oriente

But Does It Exude Confidence?" by Simon Andrews

But Does It Sound Like A Family Thing? by Matthew Cuccia & Dominick Cuccia, Jr

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