Loyal Drums and Pulsa Musica Publishing are both devoted to the traditional rudimental drumming community. Dave Loyal, founder of Loyal Drums, and Mark Reilly, co-founder of Pulsa Musica Publishing have been collaborating for over a decade in performances and clinics around the world. This relationship is built on the mutual goal of providing educators, professors, and students with the tools necessary to experience this beautiful artform.

The percussion department at West Virginia University is one of the few universities where all aspects of rudimental drumming can be studied. From the fife and drum ensemble to the WVU Pride of West Virginia marching band drumline, this artform is alive and well. Both founders of Pulsa Musica Publishing teach at West Virginia University.

The Washington Tattoo and Pulsa Musica Publishing both exist for one purpose: to share musical and cultural traditions. Both organizations are passionate about preserving music and culture far into the future.

The Society of Rudimental Drummers and Pulsa Musica Publishing seek to unite rudimental drummers from every nation in the common goal of providing ways to play each other’s music. Neither borders nor language should separate musicians from engaging in meaningful musical exchange.

SER rudimental and Pulsa Musica have the same passion for sharing the tradition of rudimental drumming, and SER rudimental is working hard towards that goal, connecting drummers in a new rudimental community that involves musicians and students from Latin America and Spain.

The Greek Rudimental Drumming Community and Pulsa Musica passionately seek ways to bring the art form of rudimental drumming to a country with rich cultural and musical heritage and help create a unique, new blend of rudimental tradition.

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